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A Number Of Wood Panels And Paint Were Found Excessive Levels Of Formaldehyde
Feb 24, 2016

Many people are conscious of their appearance, as long as the House cosy well decorated, but they ignore the question of House decoration materials containing formaldehyde, this is also a very serious problem.

Beautifully decorated House, most formaldehyde standard. Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision issued yesterday the province product quality supervision and inspection in the first quarter, exposed a number of formaldehyde standard of blockboard, internal and external wall paint. The random part of construction and decoration materials, domestic gas instantaneous water heater, Bamboo flooring, 12 categories of products, such as better quality medium density fiberboard, pass rates for 100%. But particle board, blockboard etc 3 products of poor quality, with a pass rate below 80%. Checks found 3 blockboard exceeded the amount of formaldehyde, including Nantong Thai decoration materials limited production of blockboard, formaldehyde emissions exceeds the standard requirements of 3.4 times.