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Building Materials Market Expectation Price Competitive Home Improvement Market
Feb 24, 2016

Because of intense competition in the home market has been, so if you want to from the company's labor costs and design costs continue to squeeze moisture may have been more difficult. But of his visit, many in the industry have referred to this year's building materials market, especially floors, wood, paint and other primary materials may appear in price.

Wood flooring industry is a resource-based industry, affected by the financial crisis, international wood prices have a certain decline, logistics costs will drop. Cost reductions can also cause some domestic products, so for years can only rise in the economy's trend of solid wood flooring prices may fall this year. "In the past when rising, many owners in order to avoid losses, often unfinished book flooring, fear is the price this year don't have to do that, even as late as possible. "People in the industry this analysis.