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Decorative Panels
Oct 17, 2016

Decorative Panels

Qinge Plywood supply a diverse range of real wood veneer panel products.  

Unlike imitation wood such as melamine or laminates wood veneers are extremely unique and thus are essential for high end applications. Each specie has it's own particular character and no two will exhibit the exact same colour or texture.

Veneers are cut from the log in predominantly two ways to produce different characteristics in colour and grain:  
•    Quarter cut veneers are cut at 90° to the growth rings to produce a straight grained effect.  
•    Crown cut veneers are sliced through the log to produce 'crowns' which give a more characteristic appearance.

C/C – Crown Cut
Q/C – Quarter Cut

A/B – A grade front, B grade reverse
A/Bal – A grade front, balancer reverse



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