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Home Improvement Carpenter's Acceptance Of Knowledge
Feb 24, 2016

1, fine wood products (curtains, heating cover, retaining walls, wood partitions, doors and door, window frame, skirting, decoration, decorative lines) the keel and fixed furniture, linings and fabric, the design, household requirements. Fine wood products used in wood moisture content of not greater than 12%, its outer material, without death, poles and cracks.

2, fine wood and grass-roots must be nails strong, no loose. Liner panels have bond may exhibit surface layer and play drums.

3, sill plates and curtain boxes and matrix are firmly attached, smooth surface, edges and corners square, the length of its sides extend outside the window, window Panel or curtain box the elevation for the same room.

4, wood wall surface should be flat and smooth edges and corners square, straight lines, the same color, no cracks open, connected with the baseboard gap-free. Baseboards should be straight, smooth, tight joints, wall thickness consistent.