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Interior Birch
Oct 11, 2016

Interior Birch

Piano Plywood Ltd are birch specialists and carry some of the largest and most varied stocks in the country.


Birch plywood grades and properties:

B – 
Solid veneers with no open defects or plug repairs. Suitable for high quality paint/stain or lacquer finish where the end product is open to display.

BB – 
Mainly solid face veneers with some small repaired veneer splits and pin knots. Larger open knots are repaired using wooden plugs. Some solid light and dark knots are admissible. Suitable for applications where a solid surface is needed but the visual aspects are not so critical.


C – Usually un-sanded and allows a larger range of open defects. Suitable for applications where a strong solid core is needed but face quality does not matter.


Russian/Polish - EN 636-1 EN 314-1 Class 1

2440mm x 1220mm
Long grain
1525mm x 2440mm
1525mm x 1830mm
1525mm x 1270mm
1830mm x 1270mm
1525mm x 1525mm 
1525mm x 1525mm


Furniture components, packaging, shop fitting and display cabinets, laser cutting, die making and engineering pattern making.

Applicable Standards

BS EN 635/636 – Plywood classification by surface appearance & specification.
BS EN 313/314 – Plywood classification, terminology & bonding quality.

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