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Investigations: Wood Panels Produced? Cheap Plates Where?
Feb 24, 2016

According to the geographical characteristics and habits, Chengdu decorating uses wood panels, wood panels have also become home carpentry "large taxpayer", their impact on the quality of decoration is very direct.

According to understand, qualified of woodworking Board, is will wood drying Hou made, long, wide, thick of wood line, after machine assembled, and hot and cold pressure, and polishing Hou made, this plate no spell sewing, strength high, adhesive General used of is on human harmless of low formaldehyde rubber or no formaldehyde rubber, market price usually in 150 Yuan/Zhang above, high of can up three hundred or four hundred Yuan a Zhang. But low-grade wood panels on the market today commonly used rotten, moldy old material, bug-recycle materials such as nail holes, dryness, wood is not enough, the gap larger, bonding loose, problems such as excessive levels of formaldehyde. As consumers it is hard to see from the exterior wood panels of intrinsic quality, many small manufacturers on the use of method of repair PuTTY, plate surface is very smooth, so that consumers will not notice.

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