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Wood Panels More Than 70% Qualified Six Businessmen Punished More Than 40,000 Yuan
Feb 24, 2016

On August 6, the Tangut xixia building materials trade and industry to the city of yinchuan's xixia Commerce and industry branch 6 merchants issued a written decision of administrative penalty, with a fine of more than 40,000 yuan.

Tangut xixia city 8 distribution of building materials woodworking, commerce businesses of sampling inspection, engineering integrated monitoring stations detected in yinchuan, identification of formaldehyde emission 2 qualified, 6 not qualified, failure rate of 75%%, individual wood panels exceed national standards 3 times. After investigation, they are purchased from small factories in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, wood panels, each piece of wood, to 25 ~65 price range, this 575.5 6 merchants to obtain illegal profits.