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Bamboo wood is a type of construction material made from bamboo. This unique substance has the look of tree wood despite actually being made from a grass. In recent years, the use of bamboo in traditional wood construction projects is increasing in popularity due to its ecologically friendly nature.The usage of bamboo in making furniture, flooring, and other household items is very sustainable thanks to its durability. Bamboo is more durable than traditional hardwoods. It's stronger than steel, more resistant to water, infestation, rotting, and warping than hardwood.

Bamboo Decking / Soffit / Cladding Series

We provide high-quality products with reasonable prices for each of our customers. We take all possible means to satisfy your individual demand.

Specification of Bamboo Decking / Soffit / Cladding

All kinds of plywood, E0 , E1 and WBP glue products, with the thickness ranging from 6mm to 40mm, standards according to SI, BSI, IHPA, JPIS, GB, AS, or your individual requirements. We are professional in producing Film faced plywood & construction plywood and LVL/H20 Beam/3 Ply shuttering panel/etc. ,Meanwhile, we can make blockboards according to your special requirements.
Product name Bamboo Decking / Soffit / Cladding
Length 1860mm/2000mm/ 2500mm/3000mm
Width 68mm/139mm/ 140mm/150mm
Thickness 18mm/20mm/ 25mm/30mm/ 40mm/45mm
Material 100% raw bamboo
Certificate CE/ISO 9001 /ISO 14001
Standard EN 13501 / TS 15083 / EN ISO 10456 / EN 1534 / EN 350 / EN 335 / AS NZS 36611
GB T 17657 / EN 317 / EN 408 / GB T 13942
Colour carbonized/natural
Moisture content 8%-12%
Formaldehyde emissio up to E1 standard of europe
Varnish treffert
Coating 13 coating finish,3 top UV coating
Glue dynea
Joint T & G System
Density 1.2g/cm⊃3;
Application balcony/ patio/ terrace/ garden/ park/ square/ engineer project/ outdoor application
Surface flat/small groove/ small waves/big waves
Accessories buckle/single buckle/ screw/tool head
Lead time within 15 days

Maintenance of outdoor floors

①Maintenance cycle: The first maintenance is carried out in the third month after the paving is completed; the second maintenance is carried out in the ninth month after the paving is completed. Subsequent maintenance can be carried out once a year.
②Maintenance method: choose a sunny day after the floor is dry (it is recommended to carry out at least one week of continuous sunny weather).
(1)Check for tightness: Check the floor for looseness and reinforce loose floors.
(2)Cleaning and Sweeping: Clean up all corrosion, dust, dirt, oil, coal ash and other impurities on the floor surface. Before protection, the surface must be completely cleaned; clean the debris around the floor and the keel to make the drainage smooth
(3)Sanding: Use a soft steel brush to sand and clean the floor surface.
(4)Oiling: Use the first coat of wood wax along the length of the brush.
(5)Grinding: Use 80-100 grit sandpaper to polish the surface burrs.
(6)Second oiling: Use a brush to apply the second wood wax oil along the length.
(1)mmediately after use, put rags, brushes, and waste into metal containers to keep them clean and hygienic
(2)The second pass of wood wax oil is carried out 12 hours after the first pass of brushing.

Outdoor floor care and maintenance

①If we can carry out regular maintenance in accordance with our company's maintenance precautions, we have reason to believe that our customers can use heavy bamboo outdoor "new floors" every year.

②To reiterate, the first maintenance should be carried out in the third month after the installation of the heavy bamboo floor of our company; the second maintenance should be carried out in the ninth month after the installation is completed. Subsequent maintenance can be carried out once a year.

Advantage of Bamboo Decking / Soffit / Cladding

1. Various types of free samples available.
2. Full specifications,we have 30 years of experience.
3. Size specifications can be customized.
4. We have professional certificates.
5. We have professional testing report standard.
6. Our production visualization.
7. Our delivery time is fast.
8. Our products adhere to environmental protection principles.
9. Competitive prices directly from factory.
10. OEM and ODM are available.
11. Small quantity trial order acceptable.


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