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Environmental Protection

As a timber manufacturing company, we attach great importance to environmental protection and have taken the following specific measures in the process of making and logging trees to ensure sustainable development

Legal and Sustainable Logging

We strictly comply with local laws and regulations, and only engage in timber harvesting from legally authorized and sustainably managed forests. We collaborate with sustainable forestry certification agencies to ensure that our supply chain meets environmental standards.

Forest Management Plan

We actively participate in forest management plans and strictly follow the plan for timber harvesting. This includes selecting suitable trees for logging to promote the natural ecological balance and healthy development of forests.

Adopting Advanced Technology

We use advanced wood harvesting and processing technologies to minimize the impact on the environment. Through precise measurement and logging techniques, we can maximize the utilization of each tree and reduce waste.

Forest Land Restoration and Tree Planting Plan

We are committed to the restoration and protection of forest land. After cutting down trees, we actively participate in tree planting plans to ensure that after the same number of trees are cut down, new trees can be replanted to maintain the sustainable development of the forest land.

Energy and Resource Management

We optimize the use of energy and resources, adopt efficient production processes, and reduce energy consumption and waste generation. We regularly inspect and maintain equipment to ensure its normal operation and optimal performance.

Establish Environmental Awareness

We provide environmental protection training to our employees to enhance their awareness of environmental protection. We encourage employees to participate in environmental protection activities and work together to protect natural resources.

Promote Renewable Materials

We actively promote the use of renewable materials, such as bamboo and recycled wood, to reduce the demand for natural trees and promote sustainable development.

Supervision and Reporting

We regularly monitor and evaluate the company's environmental effects, and conduct transparent environmental reports. We strive to improve and enhance environmental protection measures to meet constantly changing environmental regulations and customer needs.
* Through the above specific measures, we hope to maximize the protection of environmental resources, reduce ecological impacts, and provide customers with high-quality wood products that meet environmental standards.

Labor and Employment Mechanism

Our company's labor and employment mechanism strictly complies with legal regulations, including but not limited to the following requirements

No Child Labor

We firmly oppose the use of child labor and strictly abide by relevant laws regarding the age of employment. We only hire legal labor force that meets the legal requirements, ensuring that the age of employees meets the minimum age standards stipulated by the labor law.

Non Discrimination

We prohibit any form of discrimination, including race, gender, religion, nationality, etc. In the recruitment and employment process, we evaluate employees based on their abilities and qualifications, and provide equal opportunities and treatment.

No Forced Labor

We will never tolerate any form of forced labor, including physical or mental threats, intimidation, or deprivation of freedom. We ensure that employees' work is voluntary and provide them with a safe and healthy working environment.

Pay Five Insurances and One Deposit

We pay social insurance and housing provident fund for our employees in accordance with national laws and regulations. This includes pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund to protect the basic rights and interests of employees.

Provide Compensation for People With Disabilities

We attach great importance to the employment opportunities of people with disabilities and provide them with a reasonable working environment and necessary job adjustments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, we provide corresponding compensation and benefits for people with disabilities to help them integrate into the work environment and achieve personal development.
* By complying with the above legal provisions, we are committed to establishing a fair, just, and legal labor and employment mechanism. We value the rights and benefits of our employees, promote their career development, and create a safe, healthy, respectful, and inclusive work environment. We will continue to monitor and improve our labor and employment mechanisms to ensure compliance with legal requirements and fulfill our responsibilities as employers.

Obey The Law

As a timber manufacturing company, it is very important to comply with laws and regulations and pay taxes on time. Our company guarantees the following matters during the process of logging, production, and operation

Legal Logging

The company strictly complies with national and local government forest management regulations and does not purchase wood from illegal sources.

Environmental Protection

The company has minimized the impact on the environment during logging and production processes. Take appropriate measures to protect water sources, soil, and ecosystems, and avoid pollution and damage to the environment.

Labor Law Compliance

The company strictly adheres to national labor laws and regulations, providing employees with a safe and fair working environment. Ensure reasonable working hours, pay reasonable salaries, and protect the rights and interests of employees.

Safety Production

The company formulates and implements sound safety production rules and regulations to ensure the safety of employees and equipment. Provide necessary training and personal protective equipment to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

Tax Compliance

The company pays all taxes and fees on time and complies with national tax regulations. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of tax declaration, and pay all taxes in compliance.
* The above are the compliance matters that our company complies with during the logging, production, and operation processes. Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and contribute to sustainable development.


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