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Timber is a great insulating material. This means it helps to maintain a more constant temperature.
Pressure treatment is a preservative process that enhances the timber's protection. The process includes placing the timber in a vacuum chamber, which removes all the air from the cells in the timber. Once this has been completed, the vacuum will force chemical preservatives deep into the wood.
Carbonization of wood occurs through heat-treating. The heat literally caramelizes the naturally occurring sugars in the wood, creating a rich caramel brown color. The color of carbonized wood is warmer than the color that results from fuming/smoking.

Timber Series

We provide high-quality products with reasonable prices for each of our customers. We take all possible means to satisfy your individual demand.

Specification of Timber

All kinds of plywood, E0 , E1 and WBP glue products, with the thickness ranging from 6mm to 40mm, standards according to SI, BSI, IHPA, JPIS, GB, AS, or your individual requirements. We are professional in producing Film faced plywood & construction plywood and LVL/H20 Beam/3 Ply shuttering panel/etc. ,Meanwhile, we can make blockboards according to your special requirements.
Product name Timber
Length 2400mm/ 3000mm/ 3600mm/ 4200mm/ 4800mm/ 6000mm/ 7200mm/ 12000mm
Width 50mm/ 75mm/ 100mm/ 125mm/ 150mm/ 175mm/ 200mm/ 225mm/ 250mm/ 300mm
Thickness 47mm/75mm/100mm
Material Douglas fir/ spruce/ fir/ radiated pine/ larch/ Mongolian pine/ birch/ ash/ basswood/ walnut/ cherry/ oak/ southern yellow pine
Certificate CE/ISO 9001/CARB/PEFC
Standard BS 4978
EN 14081
AS 1720.1
PRG 320
ISO 737
ISO 1029
ISO 2299
ISO 4470
Application furniture/ decoration/ shelves/ flooring support/ wall panel/ packing/ handicraft
Formaldehyde E0
Process pressure treated / carbonized
Lead time within 15 days

Advantage of Timber

1. Various types of free samples available.
2. Full specifications,we have 30 years of experience.
3. Size specifications can be customized.
4. We have professional certificates.
5. We have professional testing report standard.
6. Our production visualization.
7. Our delivery time is fast.
8. Our products adhere to environmental protection principles.
9. Competitive prices directly from factory.
10. OEM and ODM are available.
11. Small quantity trial order acceptable.


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