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Why Us


Robert Wang, founder of QINGE Plywood, was born in Anqing, Anhui, China. He graduated from Beijing Forestry University. Later on, he worked in a wood company and at Shanghai Wood Industry Research Institute with his main focus on wood industry research and market performance analysis. Years later, in 2006, Mr. Wang founded Dangshan Piano Plywood And Blockboard Co., Ltd. After working in the wood industry for 25 years, Mr. Wang has gained rich experience about wood matter. 

Credibility and integrity

We value our relationship with each client on basis of credibility and integrity.

We visit our key clients regularly and keep  in constant communication with old clients all the year round.

We respect and listen to our clients, and proactively follow up their issues and search for solutions. 

Integration with Research, Industry and Trade

Shanghai QINGE Plywood Co., Ltd is integrated with research, industry and trade in the industry of commercial plywood, wood-based panels and woodworking panels. QINGE owns an exclusive factory-- Dangshan Piano Plywood And Blockboard Co., Ltd.


In 2008, QINGE was rewarded because of electric device restructuring.

In 2009, rewarded by Environmental Protection Administration for glue inner-circulating system. 

In 2011, rewarded by Environmental Protection Administration for energy saving and resource comprehensive utilization in production system

Since 2008, rewarded as Dangshan TOP 10 Enterprise for 10 consecutive years.

Since 2010, rewarded as Suzhou (Anhui) Advanced Enterprise for 8 consecutive years.

Since 2007, rewarded as Dangshan Leading Enterprise for 11 consecutive years.

Dangshan Piano has been rewarded as Dangshan TOP 10 Enterprise for 6 consecutive years, and as Suzhou (Anhui) Leading Enterprise and as Suzhou (Anhui) Advanced Enterprise for 4 years since 2011.

The legal representative of Dangshan Piano has been rewarded with Dangshan Excellent Individual Grant for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012.


We go abroad regularly to visit our clients to get their feedback about our previously sold products. We also usually participate in different exhibitions and fairs. We keep improving and developing better products to satisfy our clients’ needs. 

We follow up numerous oversea clients and consultants to meet their demands in order to provide them personalized services. 

Complete product certification system

We have a strict quality inspection procedure to ensure our good quality. 

Our company has achieved FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) as well as PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes), Chain of Custody certification and aims to continue to promote the use of materials that are certified under these schemes. 

The operations of QINGE Plywood are carried out in accordance with an Environmental Management System which is certified to meet the ISO 14001 Standard. 

Ensuring the sustainability of forests ultimately ensures the sustainability of the industry.

At China, We Operate To Extremely High Standards Of Quality And Service

We never lose sight of the importance of good service. One satisfied customer can translate into many more and that’s why we work so hard to provide every single customer with the same exceptional levels of care and attention. Read more.

The most advanced equipment

We own the most advanced equipment in China at present.

Our equipment ranges from the CNC Veneer Peeling with Cutting machine, Gluing Machine, press driers, both side calibrators, 3-shelf sanders to container loading platforms.

The equipment makes our products more accurate and standardized. Read more.

Successful cooperation projects

We cooperate with many large construction projects in China assuring our products meet our partners approval. Read more.



Trust QINGE, We can do it.