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China Launches The Three Year Action of "Replacing Plastic with Bamboo"

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China Launches the Three Year Action of "Replacing Plastic with Bamboo"

It was learned from the first International Symposium on Replacing Plastic with Bamboo jointly organized by the National Forestry and Grass Administration and the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization that China has launched the three-year "Replacing Plastic with Bamboo" initiative.Because using bamboo productsis more environmentally friendly and can save resources, our company sells many bamboo products.

In the next three years, China will implement seven key actions, including enhancing technological innovation, cultivating industrial ecology, and promoting production and sales integration.


By 2025, a preliminary industrial system of "replacing plastic with bamboo" will be established, further improving product quality, product types, industrial scale, and comprehensive benefits, and significantly increasing the market share of key products.

Compared with 2022, the comprehensive added value of the main products of "replacing plastic with bamboo" has increased by more than 20%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of bamboo has increased by 20 percentage points.

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It is reported that China has abundant bamboo resources and huge potential for industrial development.

There are 837 types of bamboo in China, with an area of 7.56 million hectares and an annual production of 150 million tons of bamboo, involving 20 provinces.

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There are currently over 10000 bamboo processing enterprises, and according to the development plan of the bamboo industry, the total output value of China's bamboo industry will exceed 1 trillion yuan by 2035.

Our company's main promotion of bamboo products are”Bamboo decking”、”Bamboo soffit”、”Bamboo cladding”and”Bamboo fence”.


Our company's bamboo products are widely used in daily life.




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