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The wood-based panel industry has shifted from quantity to quality

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The wood-based panel industry has shifted from quantity to quality

The main products of artificial board include plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, and other artificial boards. As a national basic industry, the wood-based panel manufacturing industry is in a low-speed development stage, with the focus of development shifting from quantity to quality.

From the perspective of the competitive echelon of production enterprises, the leading companies in the industry mainly include listed companies such as Da Ya Shengxiang and Rabbit Baby, as well as non listed companies such as Millennium Boat and foreign-funded enterprises such as Austria EGGER Wood Industry. From the perspective of regional distribution of enterprises, wood-based panel manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang and Jiangsu regions.

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Market concentration of China's wood-based panel manufacturing industryThe board industry belongs to the "big industry, small companies", with a dispersed competitive landscape. As the largest country in the production, trade, and consumption of wood-based panels, China has insufficient per capita timber resources, and the industry demand and supply increment are gradually slowing down. The market has entered a platform period from a high-speed development period, and the industry is facing fierce homogenization competition, with net profits decreasing year by year.

At the end of 2021, there were over 13200 wood-based panel production enterprises in China, including nearly 190 large production enterprises and enterprise groups. The number of enterprise groups with an annual production capacity of over 1 million cubic meters increased to 9. There is an upward trend in market concentration.

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Enterprise Layout and Competitiveness in China's Wood-based Panel Manufacturing Industry

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Summary of Competition Status in China's Artificial Panel Manufacturing Industry

From the perspective of the Five Forces Competition Model, currently, the wood-based panel manufacturing industry belongs to a completely competitive market, with a large number of enterprises and intense competition;

The current industry development is shifting from quantity to quality, with outdated production capacity accelerating the elimination, and potential entrants in the industry posing a general threat;

Complementary products such as log materials have higher costs and prices, lower market share, and limited market competitiveness, so they will not pose a significant threat to the wood-based panel industry;

The concentration of the artificial board manufacturing industry is relatively low, the raw material supply industry is relatively scattered, and the bargaining power of suppliers is average; However, the numerous and severe homogenization of wood-based panel production enterprises have led to strong bargaining power among buyers.

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