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CDX Plywood

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How is CDX plywood made?

CDX plywood can tell you a lot about how its name is made. "CDX" is actually a combination of grades that provide information about the quality and structure of the plywood.

The quality of the wood can be evaluated based on knots, chips, color, durability, etc. These characteristics are evaluated and given a grade of A, B, C, or D. Just like in school, an a is the highest level, indicating the highest quality, and a D is the lowest level, indicating lower quality. Grade A or B veneers tend to be the most expensive, while grade c and d veneers are more affordable and of lower quality, making them a more economical option.

The "X" in CDX plywood refers to how the different plywood layers stick together. Depending on the quality of glue used, plywood can be more or less damaged by exposure. For CDX plywood, the "X" stands for exposure. This means that while CDX plywood is slightly waterproof, it is not. As a result, CDX plywood can only withstand limited humidity for a short period of time and then shows signs of degradation.

When you put them together, CDX plywood is made from at least three layers of wood glued together. The quality of the final product on both sides of the plywood veneer, one of the c and d grades. So the symbol "the quality of the veneer on both sides (one plus one (c), (d), the humidity adhered by a tape only allows limited exhibition."

When gluing CDX plywood, manufacturers carefully align the wood grain elements on the plywood to reduce shrinkage. Sometimes, inferior wood is used for the inner layer, while superior wood is reserved for the outer layer. However, CDX plywood is a practical and affordable multilayer board. Come to think of it, this CDX plywood actually has a lot to consider!

What is the use of CDX plywood?

While the CDX plywood range may not seem like a very sustainable choice, CDX plywood is actually an excellent choice for many residential construction projects, both indoor and outdoor.

Outside, contractors often use CDX plywood as an integral part of exterior walls and roofs during construction. Indeed, due to its lack of durability, CDX plywood has never been used as the final outer layer. Instead, it is often used as additional support behind shingles, roofing felt, insulation, and coverings.

Indoors, CDX plywood is often used as a support board for additional flooring or tile under carpet. In addition to these structural uses, CDX plywood is often used for small practical purposes, such as basic shelves in basements, lockers or storage units. However, due to its low-quality appearance, CDX plywood is not often used for furniture that requires a more complete interior look.

In general, CDX plywood should not be used as the first line of defense against moisture outside a building, especially over a long period of time. More information about CDX plywood can be found here.


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