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New Zealand Log Supplies Fell 25% in April

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Wharf Gate(AWG) New Zealand log prices fell an average of 17 per cent in April and are about 15 per cent below the two-year average.

Log stocks in China have been rising since March and have now stabilised at around 3.3-340 m⊃3; at the level of conifers (mainly New Zealand pine radiation), rising stock levels have now stabilised and log demand has increased to around 75,000 cubic metres per day. The current CFR price of A-grade logs in China has bottomed out in the range of $110-116 per JASm⊃3;.

New Zealand log supplies fell by about 25% in April.

The New Zealand sawmill predicts that 2024 will be more difficult than 2023 due to its reliance on Asian markets.

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