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The annual output value of China's forestry industry exceeds 8 trillion yuan

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The total output value of China's forestry industry has maintained rapid growth, reaching 8.04 trillion yuan in 2022, and the import and export trade volume of forest products exceeds 180 billion US dollars. Among them, the import of wood pulp, logs, sawn timber, and the export of wooden furniture, artificial boards, and flooring all rank first in the world. China has become the world's largest country in the production, trade, and consumption of forest products.


The scale of woody grain and oil in China is constantly expanding. The planting area of woody oil crops such as walnuts, camellia oleifera, and olive oil exceeds 200 million acres. The planting area of woody grains such as chestnuts, dates, persimmons, pine nuts, and apricots is about 100 million acres. The economic utilization area under the forest, mainly focused on planting, breeding, and collection, providing green food such as edible mushrooms, forest livestock, forest poultry, honey, wild vegetables, berries, etc., is about 600 million acres, with an annual output value of over 1 trillion yuan.


At present, there are a total of 677 national key forestry leading enterprises, 75 national forestry industry demonstration parks, 37 advantageous areas for forestry specialty Chinese characteristic agricultural products, 649 national understory economic demonstration bases, and 96 national forest health bases in China. The number of employees directly engaged in the forestry industry in China has reached 60 million. Some mountainous farmers in forest areas receive about 20% of their income from forest products, with some key forestry counties receiving over 60%.



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