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Why is the three plywood decoration loved by people all over the world?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-17      Origin: Site

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In recent years, the flooring market has ushered in a trend, three plywood flooring is more and more popular with the public, especially young people. The simple style and fresh color of the three-ply wood floor from northern Europe is the portrayal of the current young people's return to nature and the pursuit of minimalist life. In fact, not only today's young people love three plywood flooring, in Europe, people are more interested in it.

It is understood that the three plywood flooring originated from northern Europe, and it is said that at that time, many solid wood floors in the palace of the Swedish royal family continued to crack and deformation during use, resulting in many gaps. Prince Carl XV summoned John, the most famous woodworking workshop owner in Stockholm, Sweden at that time, that is, the founder of the three-layer solid wood floor, John after repeated research and practice, the selection of softwood and hardwood cross-laminated way, so that the wood fiber mutual restraint, effectively solve the deformation, cracking, seam and other defects! This is the world's first three-layer solid wood floor. Since then, three-layer solid wood flooring has been popular in Northern Europe and gradually moved to the global market in the 1990s.


Three-layer solid wood floor structure is stable, not easy to damage, criss-cross between the three layers, internal force balance, to ensure the stability and balance of the floor. At the same time, three-layer solid wood flooring is more environmentally friendly, compared with multi-layer solid wood flooring, three layers use less glue. The third layer not only has the same comfortable foot feeling as solid wood flooring, the same health and environmental protection, but the price is more affordable.

Three plywood floor table board, core board, back board are made of natural pure solid wood. The table board is painted with open thin paint to ensure that the fiber duct of the wood is permeable and the floor breathes smoothly. The wood fragrance and active factors released by the core layer Douglas fir are conducive to physical and mental relaxation, better environmental protection performance, and achieve health effects.


The structure of the three plywood floor forms the arrangement of the bottom longitudinal distribution, the middle layer transverse distribution, and the surface longitudinal distribution, criss-crossing to ensure the stability of the floor, and at the same time, there is a certain gap between the core board and the core board to ensure the free expansion of the floor and adapt to the geothermal environment.

Shanghai QINGE three plywood is loved by consumers all over the world. Years of focus on the development, design, production of high-quality three-layer board, to give customers a new experience of fashion and comfort!



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