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Germany will significantly reduce the harvesting of fresh coniferous timber

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-22      Origin: Site

Due to large-scale bark beetle infestation and sluggish market prospects, BaySF in Germany announced that it will reduce the harvesting of approximately 600000 cubic meters of fresh coniferous timber in the fiscal year 2024 (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024).

The bark beetle is a small insect that attacks and disturbs the bark, causing damage and ultimately leading to the death of trees. In recent years, warm and dry weather conditions have created favorable breeding conditions for these pests, leading to a rapid increase in their numbers. Especially in Bavaria, the number of reported bark beetle outbreaks in the region is increasing every year.


It is understood that reducing logging by 600000 cubic meters is equivalent to about 20% of the original planned logging amount. At that time, the remaining supply of coniferous wood in the region will be 2.4 million cubic meters. This means that the supply of coniferous wood produced in Germany will continue to shrink once again.


In response to this worrying situation, BaySF has decided to reduce the amount of fresh cork logging this fiscal year, hoping to disrupt the beetle's life cycle and prevent further damage to remaining healthy trees.

BaySF said: "The economic slowdown, especially in the German construction industry, has also affected demand for timber. The National Forest Corporation is now addressing this issue by reducing the supply of fresh spruce and pine trees.


Reducing the logging of fresh coniferous timber will inevitably have an impact on the timber market and supply chain, with potential price increases and industry disruptions. For example, the production of spruce and pine, which are widely used in construction, furniture production, and other wood industries, will also decrease accordingly. However, the long-term health and sustainability of forests prioritize short-term economic benefits.



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