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Hughes Pacific acquires a large amount of Canadian forest land

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-15      Origin: Site

Hughes Pacific announced a few days ago that it will significantly expand its forestry business in western Canada. Currently, the company has acquired forest land in Alberta and British Columbia, and plans to add an additional 4000 acres of mature forest land from private landowners across Canada.

David Hughes from Hughes Pacific stated that the company will support the production of renewable wood fuel products and enhance its precision forestry management capabilities. The core of this strategy is the company's previous commitment to sustainable forestry and carbon offsetting project development innovation. By acquiring these forests, Hughes Pacific will play an innovative role in the development of carbon offsetting projects across Canada while helping to provide renewable energy solutions. If effectively used, this technology will provide better accuracy in monitoring and managing timber resources, enabling Hughes Pacific to optimize operations and minimize environmental impacts.

The occurrence of this incident highlights Hughes Pacific's commitment to sustainable forestry practices and innovation, as well as its commitment to supporting the renewable wood fuel industry and carbon offsetting projects, highlighting its mission as a responsible forest manager in Canada. You can clearly feel the company's sense of social responsibility and determination and action to protect the environment.

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