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Wood shortage forces changes in Finland's timber industry

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-20      Origin: Site

Recently, the supply of wood as an industrial raw material has become a problem in Finland. The first industrial victim of timber shortages was the Sunilla Pulp Mill in Kotka. Stora Enso, a Finnish forest product company, announced in early September that the factory would close by the end of this year. When the company announced its closure, it stated that the factory is no longer profitable, especially due to the cessation of importing logs from Russia.

Due to material shortages, Finland's forestry is currently facing significant transformation. The availability of wood as a raw material is becoming increasingly challenging and limited. In addition to stopping imports from Russia, the increasing use of wood in the form of chips or particles in biofuel energy production has also led to shortages in factories. On the other hand, increasing forest harvesting is difficult due to the EU's carbon sequestration obligations. In recent years, the growth of forests has also decreased, and it is unlikely to return to the previous level.

Therefore, as wood manufacturers, we also need to plan and utilize every piece of wood and tree more scientifically according to the growth trend of the forest.



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