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News related to the Pembina fire

Views: 21     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-11      Origin: Site

In order to fully understand the losses caused by wildfires in the Pembina Forest Management Area, multiple media outlets interviewed Jeff MacKay, General Manager of Pembina Forestry Company.

From his various interviews, we learned that although 1.9 million hectares of wood were burned, most of it can still be used in factories.When a fire occurs, people's primary task is to ensure their own safety. There are many communities near the area where the fire occurred, but fortunately, the impact of the fire on the nearby area is not as severe as expected. This is partly attributed to Weyerhaeuser's employees and their contractors, who made significant contributions to the firefighting work at that time.

Through this fire, we have learned that ensuring timely firefighting is crucial, but the excessive growth of forests is also more susceptible to the impact of fires.

MacKay stated that preventing excessive growth is one way for forestry to actively prevent fires. Forestry can serve as a tool to replace natural disturbances to the landscape by reducing the fuel load in the forest.

Therefore, in the future, we should manage the timber industry in a more scientific way, and planting and deforestation should be planned and within a reasonable range.

As the leading company of Film faced plywood, LVL, Marine plywood, Commercial plywood, and Decking in China, our company Shanghai Qinge Piano Ceramic & Building Co.,Ltd quickly held a meeting to explain fire related knowledge once again, increasing workers' mastery of fire protection knowledge. At the same time, a fire drill was also arranged to help everyone better understand the fire handling process, increase the practical application of knowledge, and improve their coordination ability in responding to emergencies. Through this fire safety drill, the awareness of mutual assistance and self rescue among employees in a fire has also been enhanced, and the responsibilities of the fire prevention responsible person in a fire have been clarified. At the same time, our factory's Dangshan Piano Plywood and Blockboard will regularly maintain and maintain fire-fighting facilities, equipment, and fire safety signs in the future to ensure their integrity and effectiveness, and better ensure the safety of workers' lives.


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