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What is Wall panel ?

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Wall panel is a kind of product that can give the environment a unique charm, also known as "wall skirt", "wall panel", generally with wood as the base material, can replace wallpaper, wall tiles and other wall materials. In fact, wall panel  is not a current product, as early as 970 BC - 930 years ago has appeared. Then what are the advantages of wall panel?


01. Good damage resistance

According to the expert testing report, a good quality wall panel, not only impact resistance, wear resistance, damage resistance is far better than common paint and wallpaper, even scratch the surface with a knife without obvious scars, the surface and the substrate are not divorced from the phenomenon.

02. Strong decorative effect

The appearance of the wall panel pattern is beautiful, splicing freely.

03. Easy to maintain and maintain

Wallboard is easier to maintain and maintain than wallpapers, wall tiles, latex paint and other wall materials.

04. Unify the overall style


In addition to the most basic decoration and protection, the wall panel also has a good connection effect, which can connect different Spaces and optimize the unity of the overall design style.

In general, the overall visual effect of the whole wall panel is very good, can bring us a strong sense of beauty, and will be more harmonious with the entire home improvement style.

Not only that, it also has the functions of light weight, fire prevention, mothproof, sound absorption, noise reduction, sleep promotion, wear resistance, radiation and ultraviolet protection and temperature adjustment.


As a domestic industry leading wall panel production company, our company can provide high quality Bamboo cladding.

Our products have the following advantages:

a. High surface hardness: 

The surface hardness of high-quality products is high, can resist impact and wear resistance, and will not leave obvious scars when using knives to scratch.

b. The surface finish is firmly bonded: 

There is no separation between the surface finish and the substrate of high-quality products.

c. High degree of simulation:

The patterns of high-quality products are realistic and realistic, which can provide excellent decorative effects.

d. Splicing freely: 

The splicing process of high-quality products is smooth, no obvious mismatch or gap, and the decorative effect is better.



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